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Sofia de Botton

It's with great pleasure we introduce you director Sofia de Botton and her movie "Stroke".

Born the 1st September 1978 at Lisbon, Portugal. Graduated in Industrial Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon in 2001.

During the course did several internships in graphic design, area where she has chosen to work in. Since 2002, works in the Design department at TVI ‐ Portuguese Television channel‐ in which she exercise functions of motion- ‐designer. Alongside teaches Design and Multimedia Technology courses at Isla Campus Lisbon ‐ Laureate International Universities since 2007.

In 2010, entered the Master New Media and Web Practices at the New University of Lisbon, which is currently attending. In March 2011, participated in the workshop sponsored by Digital Animation Festival Animation Monster with Ben and Geoff Bays Marslett.

Thereafter, attended the Advanced Animation program @ UT Austin lab sponsored by ZON at the University of Texas at Austin (2 months course), where she started the project "Stroke"‐ digital animation short film ‐ which was later concluded in Portugal.