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The short film "Celeste" by José-Maria Norton premiers at the Manhattan Film Festival, June 23, 12 pm.
"Celeste" is a 30 minute short film shot entirely in the United States but spoken primarily in Portuguese.
Some of the best professionals in the industry have worked on the film, including composer Matt Robertson ("Quantom of Solace," "Sucker Punch") and colorist Tim Stipan ("Black Swan," "Vicky Christina Barcelona").
Recently Trevor Groth, the director of programming at the Sundance Film Festival, had this to say about "Celeste": "it has many terrific qualities and definitely shows that [José-Maria Norton] is a skilled filmmaker." 
The film is a supernatural-psychologic thriller that tells the story of an immigrant woman dealing with guilt, faith and marriage.
Funded through a personal loan taken by the director and also through crowd-funding via the website Kickstarter, the film is a result of over 100 people joining forces to make a beautiful piece of cinema.
The Sundance Film Festival gaves us a submission waiver (an invitation to submit) but unfortunately were weren't selected to this year's edition. The film is currently being submitted to film festivals around the world, having so far made it to Switzerland at the Lucerne International Film Festival Showcase in 2011 and now as an official selection at the Manhattan Film Festival 2012.

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