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José Luís Peixoto

A Talk With José Luís Peixoto
Rogue Space Gallery  (526 West 26th Street)
June 14, 6.30 PM
Arte Institute is pleased to present "A Talk With José Luís Peixoto", where the writer will be discussing about his work, literature and human nature, while engaging closely with youth, who often becomes fascinated with this young writer’s approach to life and writing.
Tattoos, piercings and literature don’t usually go hand in hand. However, what may seem like an odd match at first, turns out to be a powerful, magical blend, or the quintessential nature of Peixoto’s books.
José Luís Peixoto is Portugal's most acclaimed, prize-winning young novelist.His books are published in over 20 languages and he has been awarded several international prizes for his novels, narratives and plays.
The writer will be available for Q & A.

The band "At a Distance" will perform at the event.
Don't miss it!