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FITEI: International Theatre Festival of Iberian Expression

FITEI: International Theatre Festival of Iberian Expression
35st edition
28th May – 3th June 2012
Porto – Portugal

26th May 2012
FITEI Day in Guimarães
FITEI - Festival International de Teatro of Iberian Expression presents three shows, two from Spain and one from Brazil, to the European Capital of Culture

The FITEI: International Theatre Festival of Iberian Expression is Portugal's oldest existing and one of the most famous, founded in 1978.
In the course of more than 30 years of the Festival, FITEI has become one of the most prestigious international theatre festival in Portugal. Hundreds of companies, from 34 countries, have taken part in this festival so far.
Since 1978 the Festival has been presenting every year, in the second half of May and first half of June, an extraordinary program of premiere performances, in various parts of the city, that includes some of Oporto’s most prestigious concert halls and theaters as much as Metro Stations and street plazas.

National and international companies from Iberian world (Portugal, Brazil, Portuguese Africa, Spain and Spanish America) are invited to present different performances within the fields of theatre, contemporary dance and performative arts. The festival also includes an extensive program dedicated to theatre and dance schools from Oporto, creating an important meeting point between students and graduates and common audience.

Recently, FITEI has been awarded with the "Max Hispanoamericano de las Artes Escénicas", one of the most important awards in Spain.

Starting in 2005, the Festival chosed to focus its attention on transformation and change, keeping a close watch on everything that happens in the field of Iberian theatre.

The complete program for 2012 is available at

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