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Ernesto Bacalhau

It's with great pleasure we introduce you director Ernesto Bacalhau and his movie "Teachings for the Adult Life".

Lisbon 1978. Cascais. At 6 years old i went to school and got my first bicycle: blue and yellow. I stayed at school. At 10 i went to my first concert: Iron Maiden. I discovered BMX, Heavy Metal, Skate and Surf. And my father’s record collection and with that Reggae Music, Bob Marley. I used my mother’s ID to rent rated R movies. Punk, first motorbike, Sesimbra. First album from Cypress Hill: Hip Hop. Movies, 16th motorbike, first car. I got out of school in 2000 Directing and Post-Production. More music. Valentim de Carvalho, Music Photography. Loop Recordings, the vinil addiction and directing music videos. Travel. Advertising movies for Tangerina Azul, Castings, Production and Assistant Director. 2005 Garage Films. 2006 start directing in Garage and still do. More bicycles, music and gasoline. In 2010 he directed his first short film.