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"Angola is not a small country"

"Angola is not a small country"
an exhibition by Paulo Moreira
Dec 2, 2011 to Jan 7, 2012
A Certain Lack of Coherence
Rua dos Caldeireiros 77
Porto, Portugal

The “Angola is not a small country” exhibition has gutted the gallery space, uncovering echoes of Africa within its walls. Paulo Moreira, a graduate from Porto University and a doctoral student at the London Metropolitan University, has dedicated the past few years to studying the musseques – the socalled informal neighbourhoods – of Luanda, Angola. He recently collaborated with 70 students from two Schools of Architecture in Luanda and has been busy tracing the post-independence evolution of Chicala, Luanda’s most central musseque and a earmarked for demolition.
“We’ve offered suggestions for improvements to this neighbourhood, which many people are reluctant to leave, and moved to create a sort of memory for the future” explains Paulo Moreira whose investigations have been awarded the Noel Hill Travel Award, attributed by the American Institute of Architects - UK Chapter, as well as London Metropolitan’s Prize for Social Entrepreneurship.

in Público - P3

"Chicala is not a small neighbourhood"
a book edited by Paulo Moreira
Launch: Jan 7, 2012, 5pm
A Certain Lack of Coherence
Rua dos Caldeireiros 77
Porto, Portugal

“Chicala is not a small neighbourhood” presents a perspective of Angola’s capital often ignored in accounts of the country’s current Neo-liberal trajectory. Thanks to a comprehensive compilation of contributions by emerging and established experts, practitioners and researchers from different fields, this book delves into a particular urban context, from the bottom-up, showing Luanda as far more complex a city than a straightforward capitalist topography of consumption surrounded by desperate metabolisms of survival.