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Saramago´s Week in New York

Saramago´s Week in New York  - Program

Oct. 26
    •    Dinner for Saramago´s week Committee

Oct. 27

    •    Rooster Gallery, 8.30 pm 
          Q & A with Director Miguel Gonçalves Mendes (Live Streaming)
          Reserve tickets here.

    •    Anthology Film Archives, 10.00 pm
          Iberian Screening  (featuring Portuguese and Spanish short films)
          co-curated with Telegraph21.     
          Buy tickets here.   

Oct. 30

    •    Sonnabend Gallery, 7.30 pm
          "Emptiness, Silence" by José Saramago - Readings and Photo exhibit
          (Candida Höfer; Rita Barros) (Live Streaming)

Oct. 31

    •    Rutgers University, 2.30 pm
          Lecture with Pilar del Rio and Director Miguel Gonçalves Mendes

    •    Pão Restaurant, 9.30 pm
          Noiserv Concert; (Live Streaming)
          Reserve tickets here.

Nov. 1

    •    Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
          Screening of the documentary "José & Pilar" (by invitation only) (Live Streaming)

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