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"Aires Mateus: Matter in Reverse" - Premier in Lisbon

Arte Institute suggests the screening of the movie "Aires Mateus: Matter in Reverse" by director Henrique Pina at Cinema Sao Jorge in Lisbon. 
Cinema São Jorge
January 10, 7.30 pm
The screeening will be host by the Arquitecturas´director Sofia Mourato. The director, Henrique Pina, the architect Manuel Aires Mateus, the producers Maria João Soares, Susana Tavares dos Santos, João Miguel Couto Duarte and the dancer Teresa Alves da Silva, will be attending the presentation.
The work of the architects Aires Mateus clearly shows contemporaneity - in its complexity and contradiction -, a difficult condition to express in the realm of architecture.
The extent of the work that they've been developing for many years confirms this. Their proposals develop a language with a strong universal impact.
From this universality, emerges an adaptation to the territory rooted in a clear Portuguese tradition. One finds in the interpretation of the work of Aires Mateus architects an appetite - almost a desire - for a cinematographic appropriation: by the invention of a place; By the confrontation between body and matter; For the clarity of games of shadow; For the search of a silence of its own. The matter is found in reverse.

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