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Essays on Intimacy

Arte Institute supports the exibition "Essays on Intimacy" by Márcia Belloti and Luiza Porto, as the result of our residency.

Rua Cecílio de Sousa n20 C
Opening_ June 29 - 6.30 PM

Statement Essays on Intimacy

My greatest desire is the encounter with the unknown, with the anonymous, with what is distant or secretive. In order to achieve that, I propose public announcements through which I seek individuals willing to expose their own stories and experiences.
My intention is to use multiple artistic materials to incite reflections on the ethical and aesthetical structures of normativity, the standards under which we are raised, our culture (western contemporary) and the limits imposed on us throughout history. My projects are based on a profound exchange between me - the artist -, and the common individual, their desires and vulnerabilities.
Essays on Intimacy is the result of an intensive research on the intimacy of the Portuguese individual that started in 2015, bringing forth experiences that later became the basis for poetic creations. The primary motivation for the research was the pursuit of relationships of affection and intimacy with the Portuguese community. The difficulty to achieve such bonds has turned into reflective material, starting point for the artistic production presented here. Conservatism, physical distance and socio-cultural conflicts turned into poetic material for the development of a multidisciplinary work, composed of unique pieces (sculptures, objects, video, tapestries), photographs and installations.
- Márcia Bellotti