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“Wallflowers, Fightflowers” Performance

Arte Institute presents “Wallflowers, Fightflowers” Performance in Madrid, Spain.

May 26 - 8 PM
Book Fair of Madrid - Pavilion of Portugal
Parque do Retiro de Madrid (Pº del Duque de Fernán Núñez, Jardines del Buen Retiro)

Talk |
Pilar del Rio
Javier Rioyo
Texts |
Gonçalo M. Tavares
Afonso Cruz
Dulce Maria Cardoso
Performances |
Maria João Luís - Actor
Fernanda Paulo - Fado Singer

Within the context of Madrid's Book Fair and the participation of Portugal in this event as a guest country, we're inviting everyone to participate, during the Fair's opening day (on May 26th at 8 p.m.), in a theatrical reading of texts by Portuguese authors, which is under the responsibility of the Arte Institute of New York. The reading will be performed both in Portuguese and Spanish by the authors themselves and local personalities, such as Pilar del Rio. The lecture will be punctuated by music performances (especially fado: Fernanda Paulo) and the readers will be dressed by the Portuguese fashion designers Storytailors, who make clothing suitable for the texts and the event (

The Arte Institute, is an independent, not-for-profit organization based in New York. The mission of the Arte Institute is to promote Portuguese artists, writers and creators in an open way, and also in a way that integrates other cultures and audiences. This event, organized by the Arte Institute of New York, aims to promote Portuguese creativity, including the fashion field, and to build links and bridges with prominent Spanish personalities.
After the event, pastéis de nata and Port wine will be served.

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