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The Fado-Jazz Connection in Washingon

The Embassy of Portugal in the United States, the Arte Institute, the Center for Music Connections and the CamoĢƒes Institute, are pleased to present the concert “The Fado-Jazz Connection” in Washington DC at the Residence of the Portuguese Ambassador, on November 9th at 6.30pm.

The Fado-Jazz Connection
Residence of the Portuguese Ambassador
2125 Kalorama Road, NW
November 9th at 6.30pm

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The Fado-Jazz Connection

Fernanda Paulo, Portuguese fado singer and actress, and Dana Marcine, acclaimed U.S. jazz singer/songwriter, accompanied by the Portuguese pianist, Renato Diz, will involve you in the captivating music of fado and jazz. This concert will take you into the heart and soul of culture: Striving for love over isolation; perseverance over fatalism; power over powerlessness. Fado and Jazz express universal human desires for love, respect, and justice, borne by the disenfranchised lacking economic and political power. Through their music, each group achieved recognition and a social voice that could never again be silenced. This enchanting evening will demonstrate the shared human qualities and fundamental connections between us – the heart and soul of Portuguese-U.S. understanding.

Fernanda Paulo (Portugal) is a Portuguese singer and actress. Departing from Fado and its themes, Fernanda Paulo presents theatre and music shows, marked by the multidisciplinary fusion of styles, seeking new paths, without disregarding tradition. Her latest album “Ar de Fado” shows the spirit of the traditional fado. We can find the Portuguese “saudade” and a lot of other strong feelings in her voice.

Renato Diz (Portugal) moved to New York City in 2011 to pursue a double Master Degree in Jazz and Classical performance at New York University, from which he graduated Summa Cum Laude. His main instructors are internationally - acclaimed jazz artists Ralph Alessi, Jean - Michel Pilc, Tony Moreno, Bruce Arnold and Andy Milne, and Marilyn Nonken in classical and post - modern repertoire. During his time he was awarded a NYU Scholarship for Outstanding Performance, Ella Fitzgerald Scholar ship and Leake & Watts Citizenship Award. Renato finds inspiration in many art forms and has composed, performed and recorded post - modern, experimental, new jazz, pop, heavy metal, and world music. In 2015 his project “I will play your soul” was selected to be featured at “IDEAS Festival” at the New Museum. Renato dedicates his life to creating music that transcends musical style to touch audiences with a sound that is pure and universal in message and meaning. As a performer Renato Diz has played at some of the most prestigious stages in the United States, South America and Europe both solo and as part of diverse artistic projects.

Dana Marcine (United States of America) is a vocalist/songwriter residing in New York and Texas. She is bandleader of two jazz ensembles: "Jazzified", and "The Dana Marcine Quartet". With a Master's degree in music, she has studied music of the Baroque and Renaissance, sung opera, been a classical soloist, choir director, music educator, jazz improviser and composer. Her original songs are available on, and radio stations across the U.S. She is very interested in music of all cultures, and exploring the connections that bring us together. Dana Marcine's repertoire includes jazz standards and originals. Many of Dana's originals can be heard on Pandora Radio at Dana Marcine Radio.