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Celucine Short Films Festival

Arte Institute suggests "Celucine Short Films Festival".

Registration Opens for the 7th Celucine – 2016 Short Films Festival.Competition for the seventh edition of Celucine Short Films Festival is open for digital movies to Brazil and Portuguese-speaking countries. Registration opens on September 7th and continue until November 20th.

Starting on September 7th the registration for the 7th edition of Celucine Short Films Festival. Entries can be made until November 20th on the internet and are free. Conceived in 2008 by the Associação Revista do Cinema Brasileiro in partnership with Oi / Oi Futuro, in Rio de Janeiro, the festival encourages the creation, production and dissemination of audiovisual content.

Films with all themes, from Brazil and Portuguese-speaking countries, which have duration of 30 seconds to 3 minutes, recording exclusively on digital platforms such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras and digital cameras, can take part in the competition. The categories are Fiction, Documentary and Animation.