It’s with great pleasure we introduce you director Sara Gouveia and her movie “Ribbon Tooth”.


Born in Lisbon, Sara Gouveia is an award winning filmmaker and photographer. Her documentary “Mama Goema” won the audience award for Best SA Documentary at the TriContinental Film Festival 2011 and screened at festivals worldwide. Sara has worked as a writer, director and cinematographer in commercials, online campaigns and short documentaries for various clients and has created a number of music videos.
In 2016, Sara directed the short documentary “NGIYAPHILA: Spirituality and Sexuality” for Steps for the Future as well as the short films “Lonmin: Put Your House In Order” and “Hunted for their Body Parts” for Amnesty International, the latter was part of their most successful campaign for that same year.

Sara is interested in exploring the line where the imaginary and the real touch, the space between our conscious and subconscious and this can be seen in both her fictional as well as documentary work. Sara also uses the body as a form of expression, as a storyteller, and has developed projects with several dancers over the years, namely Joana Bergano, with whom she made the experimental film “Scarlet Days”, winner of the Jury Prize for Best Film in the video dance competition at the 5th InShadow Festival 2013 and she has been working with the group of Mozambican Mapiko dancers “Massacre de Mueda” represented in her documentary “The Sound of Masks” since 2013. This project is currently in post-production and has the support of the N.F.V.F. (South Africa), Hot Docs Blue Ice Fund (Canada) and IDFA Bertha Fund (The Netherlands).