It’s with great pleasure we introduce you director Sam Andrês and his movie “Chaos Et Equilibrium”.


Sam Andrês was born in Montelavar, Sintra, in 1987, and he received his grade in Film Directing from the Lisbon Theatre and Film School in 2011. He has always been very creative and ever since, from early ages, he demonstrated a great deal of artistic capabilities and excellent performance in various art forms. In 1993, when he was only 6 years old, after watching the screening of the film “Jurassic Park”, he decided that he wanted to be a filmmaker. He started his activity in this particular field when he was still in Elementary School as he often recurred to filmmaking in order to complement the various types of school work with small video clips, which in turn would make them more innovative and interesting as well as more rich and differentiated. Long before his going to college, he had already developed various types of projects for businesses enterprises, local government, and private entities and institutions. His work covers various cinematic stages, from project creation, script writing, production, directing, filming, editing, and also the integration of sound and soundtrack, color correction, as well as the various types of special effects. His résumé includes several works in advertising and some short films of his own making, such as “Chaos and Equilibrium”; “Essentia”; “Requiem”; “Solar” and “BlackWhite”.