It’s with great pleasure we introduce you director Ricardo Martins and his movie “O que eu entendo por amor” (What Love means to me).


Ricardo Martins, 1983
Graduate in Film and Video, by Universidade Lusófona and Postgraduate in Directing Documentary.
Its progression was enriched by some awards and film festival appearances, national and international. He distinguished himself as a Director of Photography for the movie “Fatal” (presence in the New York International Independent Film Festival, among others) and “Sombras do Passado” (Prize for the Best Documentary Feature film in DocLisboa).

It started as a director of documentary in 2005 “Tudo Vai Acabando” (Honorable Mention at the festival V Encontros de Viana do Castelo, presence in Xociviga, Xornadas Cine and Video en Galicia and major festivals in Portugal) in 2006 wins the 1st prize Contest ARTEJOVEM’06 with the documentary “Cerimónia Vermelha”.

Between 2006 and 2013 most of the work of the filmmaker was in Advertising and Television. However his recent work has been around for short fiction films such as “O Viajante” and “Rosa Sangue” for the television short-film contest “Fá-las Curtas”, he was the winner of the short-film contest RESTART VIDEORUN’12 with the short-film “Demora”, and now in 2013 his latest work, “O que eu entendo por amor”.