It’s with great pleasure we introduce you director Pedro Augusto Almeida and his movie “I’d Rather Not Say”.


Pedro Augusto Almeida was born in Setúbal in 1991. At the age of eighteen he moved to Abrantes where he completed a degree in video and documentary film. During those three years he conducted several exercises that were shown at film festivals nationwide. At the end of 2012 he was selected for the project “Borderline – 13 directors on the bus exploring immigration”. The project was produced by NISI MASA with the support of Guimarães European Capital of Culture 2012.
In 2014 directs his first short fiction film, completely independent, which highlights the exhibition on the acclaimed short film festival “Curta Cinema” in Rio de Janeiro.
In 2015 he was the photography director and editor of the television program called “#hashtag,” a program for teenagers that will debut soon in the Portuguese public television (RTP).
Later that year he was invited to moderate a video workshop in Belgrade, on the International Student Week.
Currently attends the first year of a master’s degree in Art Studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto. He’s the film projectionist of the Municipal Theater of Campo Alegre since 2013.