It’s with great pleasure we introduce you director Nuno Serrão and his movie “The Third Attempt”.


My present reflects my multidisciplinary past. I started out as a programmer in the 90’s, was introduced to graphic and web design in 95 and in 2000 was lucky enough to see my work recognized international in these fields. Currently, my attention gravitates around photography and cinema, while still maintaining my day job as a CEO, creative director, designer and producer of my own advertising company,
In 2012 i released my first photography exhibit, “Project Paperclip”. It was the first exhibit gather photography, music, augmented reality and QR codes in one single and unique interactive experience. The fact that it was ground-braking, made it into news all over the world and it was exhibited in galleries, events and museums in Portugal, United States, Australia, Spain and Italy.
At the end of 2013, and only after 2 years since i started to explore video, i finished my first short film, “The Third Attempt”.