It’s with great pleasure we introduce you director Luís Soares and his movie “Outro Homem Qualquer” (Any Other Man).


Born in Lisbon in 1981. Studied Illustration and Comics in ARCO with teachers Nuno Saraiva, André Lima, and João Fazenda. Developed Film, Animation and Stop Motion studies in CIEAM-Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, in courses oriented by Joana Bartolomeu, Nuno Beato, and Lorenzo Degl’Innocenti.  Attended various workshops and received training in several softwares for stop-motion and digital 2D animation.
As a teacher, has been responsible for a series of workshops (Character Animation, Animation and Drama, Visual Music, Digital 2D Animation, among others) held in CIEAM-Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon under the pedagogical coordination of José Pedro Cavalheiro.
Since 2006 works as an Animator in short films, television programs and promotional videos.
In 2012 finished his first film, Any Other Man, together with script-writer Cátia Salgueiro and musicians Fernando Fadigas e António Porém Pires – financed by ICA-Instituto do Cinema e Audiovisual and produced by Bando À Parte.