It’s with great pleasure we introduce you directors Júlio Vanzeler and Luis da Matta Almeida and their movie “The Giant” (Guest Short Film).


Biography Júlio Vanzeler

Teaches Fashion Illustration and Digital Illustration at CITEX. He also works as an illustrator for several magazines and newspapers. Works with the Teatro de Marionetas do Porto since 1997, developing concept art and sculptures. Illustrated several books for children and co-directed the short animated film “The Giant” which received several awards and selections for festivals.


Biography Luis da Matta Almeida

Luis is PosGraduated in ‘Cinema and Television’ and ‘Audiovisual and Multimedia’ by Lisbon Universities.
He’s working in animation since 1987, creating, producing and/or directing lots of short movies and tv series and won more than 200 international awards, honnor mentions, selections, invitations, etc. as the Cartoon D’Or.
Luis is an invitated member of The Board of Directors of European Union Cartoon Association.