It’s with great pleasure we introduce you director Josemaria RRA and his movie “Ptolmus”.


José Maria Richardson Rebello de Andrade (Josemaria RRA), born in Porto (Portugal), on May 16th 1990, son of Portuguese father and British mother. He started animating at 11 years old, using the software Macromedia Flash 5. In 2009 he discovered 3D animation. He likes to tell his stories in short animation films. Uses mostly Open Source software, such as Blender, GIMP, LMMS and Audacity.
Josemaria is a Computer Animation Master’s Degree at the School of Arts of the Portuguese Catholic University, where he also got his Bachelor’s Degree in Sound and Image. During his time at the Portuguese Catholic University he had the honor to learn from talented people, such as Pedro Serrazina, Ed Hooks and Samy Fecih. Ptolmus is Josemaria’s first film to be submitted to film festivals.