It’s with great pleasure we introduce you director João Tempera and his movie “The Robbery”.


João Tempera was born in 1970 and lives in Almada, Portugal.
We as part of “Human Choice”, one of the founding bands of the Portuguese Hardcore movement of the 90s, the origin of his “Do It yourself” attitude that marks his artistic activity. He recorded and published another two albums with a project called João e a Sombra, with whom he gives ocasional concerts; written and produced some music videos and short films including the short “sobre a Mesa” which won the Best Actress award at Short-Cutz.
Still as a kid, got a short story edited in a modern literature anthology of Almada.
He has done the Actors degree in the Theater conservatory (Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema) and was part of Comuna – Research Thetaer a for 11 consecutive years and more recently of the Companhia de Teatro Joaquim Benite on Almada. In Cinema worked with Luis Galvão Teles, Luis Filipe Rocha, Manuel Mozos. At the same time was part of some television projects and soap operas like “Jura”, “A noite do fim do Mundo”, “Sedução”, “A única Mulher”, “Tempo Final” e “Os filhos do Rock” (winning the best actor award by the TV7 DIAS magazine)
Em 2014 ganha um Prémio de Jovens Criadores, atribuído pela Câmara Municipal de Almada, pelo reconhecimento do seu trabalho artistico e envolvimento com a comunidade.
In 2014 won the Award Jovens Criadores awarded by the Almada City Hall for his artist work and his work with the community.
He wrote and directed o “Assalto” in 2012 gathering some friends, professional filmmakers, that helped created this project in the “Lets do this” attitude, so characteristic in this crisis time.