It’s with great pleasure we introduce you director Filipe Coutinho and his movie “homecoming”.


Filipe’s bio: Born Filipe Ferraz Coutinho in Porto, Portugal. Filipe grew up in a family that would often take him to the movies where he started to develop a taste for the projection room and the craft behind storytelling. Nonetheless, being surrounded by the family business it came as no surprise when he attended Business School in the Fall of 2007. Despite three prolific and highly successful years at a prestigious university, cinema became his biggest constant and his passion deepened on the day he saw Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Inspired by Cate Blanchet’s tour-de-force performance, Filipe created a blog CINEMA IS MY LIFE to satisfy his need to both write and be closer to film. Soon after, his writings became popular in the community and Filipe embraced a new project: Take Cinema Magazine, an online publication that came to existence to fill the gap of published press on cinema in Portugal. During the college years, Filipe started to broaden his film knowledge and, to that effect, spent six months in Milan studying, among others, film history and film theory. Shortly after, his reviews and essays reached the printed press through Magazine HD. At this point, pursuing a career in film became an inevitability. Filipe moved to the United States in 2010 where he’d spent the next two years between New York and Los Angeles getting a Masters Degree in Filmmaking. Convinced that his studies in business would pay off, he started to perfect his trade and soon realized that they did. He would now coalesce his filmmaking skills with the values learned in Business School, a tableau that proved essential to handle cinema’s most searing hurdles. In the meantime, Filipe nourished his favorite art form by creating and experimenting within the realm of his writing and directing. Black Mask would be the culmination of a period engrossed in film noir. The ambitious short was quickly veered by its rigor and was often compared in style and tone to the TCM classics. The feature-length L.A. epic Way Down in the Hole (inspired by James Elroy’s literature) followed, offering a gritty and often times disturbing look at Los Angeles circa 1948. In months to come, a shift in thematic interests occurred and Homecoming became the main vehicle to channel them. Telling a deep personal story rooted in raw performances and sensitive direction, the short film became the stepping stone to Filipe’s next feature-length script, Nostalgia for Sale, an uber realistic character study boosted by strong dialog and the very unique Portuguese feel often know as ofsaudade. In the short period thereafter, Filipe has developed a diverse portfolio, his stories ranging from small character studies to august sea adventures. In common they all have the respect for characters as tridimensional human beings, a unique style of dialog and a passion for an elusive reality. Following an extremely successful internship at ECLECTIC PICTURES, Filipe was hired as the Creative Executive for KILIN INTERNATIONAL, a company that provides consulting and production services for and between creatives and executives in the U.S., China, and New Zealand. Filipe still finds time to work closely with an independent Hollywood Producer and collaborate with THE MIRROR CUBE, a website dedicated to the independent arts.


Shorts (Writer & Director)

Homecoming (2013)
Black Mask (2012)
Light & Day (2011)
Un, Deux, Trois (2010)

Feature Screenplays

How Aristotle Saved my Life and then Killed Me (2014)
Nostalgia for Sale (2013)
Way Down in the Hole (2012)